Of Course, the Word Said Without Regret In This Corrupted World

Of course, i know my problem isn't as serious, as death or etc, like most stories on this subject, but me, being a clueless teen, needs to vent.

Some people won't really care about my rant, my life, my feelings, my dad, my family, my society, and etc etc, but if u really want to complain, i advise you press the wee button up there to go to the previous page.

My dad. I mean, what do most people think of when the 3-letter word is mentioned? Well, it varies on everyone, doesn't it? Quite interesting in my point of view. But for me, the word that provides, warmth, comfort, and reminds me of the heart-taking embrace.  And that's just the word. I love my dad to death, and it's as if my mind had a 'refresh' button that was recently pushed down.  It's as if my vision was poorly unclear.  He was the greatest dad ever to live.  (to me, for oh no, i don't want to offend anyone.) It's  not like a teenage point of view, where the dad is the 'motivational figure' (haha heavy use of sarcasm there) with a coffee mug in one hand, a neatly folded newspaper in another.  And where he was lucky enough to remember of of his kids. No, no, andd no. You could say my dad was the polar opposite. He took us skiing, rock climbing, canoeing, camping, to parks, swimming, fishing, and so many countless things. I mean, he. was. the. greatest. dad. ever. (emphasis on the GREATEST, please). But the world, never seems to allow good things in our corrupted world, without the mighty blow of the cruel world itself.  It's quite sad.  Cruel, corrupted, malistic, gory, merciless, unbelievable, inconsiderate, flabbergasting, torturous: our world could be described in so many ways. Of course, the world has its happy moments: sunny, excitement, first love, a world of peace, calm, humble, etc. Straight out, (without any of my interminable rants), my dad had done physical abuse.  OF COURSE, with that, the police arrived, a textbook was thrown, i was dragged, and other things, i particulary don't enjoy talking about. The whole point is, my mom and my dad got a divorce, and i feel like it's all my fault.  Even after all this, i still long for my dad.  I live with my mom now, and although she's the best, i can't help but have this yearning for that warmth and heart-calming embrace.  I look forward to it, every weekend, without second thought.  i miss you dad, and i know u tried your best. 

3 words can describe the 3 word man

i. love. you.

tkiamrimda95 tkiamrimda95
Mar 9, 2009