He's Not Even Dead, Just Gone.

Hi Im 17 years old and I haven't seen my dad in 3 months. He doesn't call or come see me. He changes his number every month, and he doesn't answer when I call. No one understands how much i love my dad because he is the only one that listens, besides my grandmother. Everyone else in my family doesn't care. But I love my dad, and i hate it when my cousins talk about their dad. but at least he spends time with them. It's so sad cause its my senior year of high school and im left without my father to guide and support me. Yes, I have my mother;which im thankful for, but there's nothin like having a father. Nothin at all. he was my best buddy, and he alwayz said that he loved me. He told me that when im sad to think of him in my heart. Well i do everyday, and i pray to God to let him call me. Please just once a week would be good. Just something to let me know he's there. I cry when i think about him, only because theres nobody here to take my side. To hear what I have to say. I miss him sooo much.... He was my hero. I'll always love my daddy.
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Maybe you can write your dad a letter, old fashioned snail mail. Tell him how you feel. Obviously I do not know why he is not communicating with you, but maybe he is ashamed of something and does not want to face you. Also, if other family members are putting him down, he may be aware of it and is trying to disance himself. Let him know you love him and miss him. He may come around and if not at least you are trying to do the right thing. Best of luck Hollywood7!