About Two Years Now

For some reason today more in a long time I miss my Dad, Its been two years but some reason it is not any easier.

maybe that's normal from what some say.

With all thats happened all in the past two years in which I needed the most strength I have used everything he taught me to stay alive and as close as I can be to my faith and belief, maybe that's why I think of him so much. He was the best freind a person could ask for. Maybe I miss him so much where I need him so much now more than ever.

He always had the right words to say and would always lead me out of the dark places I found myself. He taught me how to treat others and be a good husband and most of all to be a good Dad.

Dad I miss you....... where ever you are now I need your help !

Please God hear my Prayer 

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Aug 19, 2007