I Miss My Dad Every Day.

My dad died in 2005 from cancer.   I was with him everyday that he fought this horrible disease and I was there when he passed away from it.      The only guilt I feel is not being able to make him better kiss the boo-boo and make it better, like he used to do for me.   I take solice in the fact that my dad is in a better place...finally at peace...no longer in pain.  

"IF TEARS COULD BUILD A STAIRWAY,                                                                                       AND MEMORIES A LANE,                                                                                                              I'D WALK RIGHT UP TO HEAVEN,                                                                                               AND BRING YOU HOME AGAIN!"

Big bunya hug Dad.  Love you!!

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1 Response Aug 24, 2007

Your father was grateful for you being there in his last moments. No we cannot take the booboos' away, or make them well, but we can show them they we love them and are there for them.