I Guess I Will Never Understand

It's hard believe it's been 10 years since i heard his voice, i really miss him. We never did get an answer for the phsical abuse and believe me it took 3 years for us to talk again after i asked on my part. He never did drugs,alcohol etc. He just would snap...he said he was making us strong ! He was an excellent provider, a great dad when this wasn't happening and eventually he just stopped or evolved . The scars he left on us kids , the statistics say you will be that way...a crock all of us swore we would never treat are kids that way and we didn't ! His funeral,standing room only ,i will never forget all the kids saying how they loved him and could go to him with anything,others on how loving ,honest and compassionate. Maybe it was fear of what could happen to us if we didn't get toughened up or something he saw as a child .He was a wonderful when we were older and a childhood nightmare when we were young !

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Yes it is something i will never have an answer for .