Moon River

I was driving and heard on the radio the annual Father-Daughter Ball. Sold out. Every year it's sold out. It's the warmest thing you could hear on this frosty, light snowy day.

My dad loved to dance with me; I think he loved it more than dancing with anyone else, even with my mom. He used to let me twirl and twirl until I get so dizzy...and we call the twirling: 'round n round around Mars' - don't really know why Mars.

And when I get dizzy, he let me hop on his big feet because he is a very tall man, and we sway and sway until my dizziness fades away.

I lost my dad when I was 13. I never got to dance again with anyone like that. He loved playing the song, Moon River while we dance. He said that this is our special song. I never got to dance Moon River again. I stopped listening to it when he passed away.

And as a special notice to all the dads out there in with your like you'll never dance again. Your daughters, like me, will always keep this memory in our hearts...will forever appreciate the gesture...will ever love this moment.

I miss my dad.

I miss our dance.

I miss Moon River.

Sylphy Sylphy
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Hi Cab... *high five*... we are lucky to have Dads like them... my Dad dances funny by himself though... something about the his time, where the feet shuffles, and the bum sticks out, and seems to be jiggling... I remember laughing to tears when he would do it... and that's his cue to ask me to dance with him... *hugs*...

Hey Sylph, I also danced with my dad, he was a great dancer. I miss him so much, but have such wonderful memories of him too. We are the lucky ones to have had them in our lives. X@

Thanks, Des... love my Dad terribly... and I miss him... terribly... waaaahhh...

Thanks, Send... I had to shorten your name... haha...<br />
<br />
Even if things don't work out for the best in our journeys, it's the time spent in those journeys that makes the end of the journey worthwhile...

As long as we are true to ourselves, then it does not really matter what the rest of the world thinks. Best of luck with the rest of your journey. Though your kids may have grown up now, the journey with them never really ends. Thanks, Sendittome... *hugs*...

Your welcome, Mick... just in time for Father's day for people to read this again... I wish today has been good for you... *hugs*...<br />
"She drives me crazy", huh? LOL... and I bet she does...<br />
<br />
Sendittome... thank you... and sorry for those tears... but you seem to have done well for your kids in spite your own difficulty... it is how it should be... we do not pass on our frustrations to the children; instead we pass on our triumphs...

Thanks Sylph, this story is a reminder to have another dance with my daughter soon. We used to dance so much when she was young and now I don't live at home with them, will make it all the more special. I've got to admit that song "Cinderella" broke me up too. My daughter 's special song was "She Drives Me Crazy" by Fine Young Cannibals...I have a video of a 2 year old bouncing around and me dancing with her...and more several years later, same song

Just pick a song, Gee... and it can be your special song together... WG sent a YouTube link here (on the first page)... not that this could be your song... no, no, no... but that song just broke me in fragments... I just get this insurmountable "I-can't-breathe" feeling when I hear it... the kind that hits close to home... thanks for promising... *hugs*...<br />
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*runs to Glowy for a big hug* Our Dads are heaven-sent... I know some were not as lucky as we are. I wasn't lucky with my mom - but that's another story. And I guess in spite of how things turn out in our lives, the good does outweigh the bad... hmm... someone just said that to me today...<br />
<br />
*wipes off burnt fur from Smugit... hugs (even with the burnt smell)*... thank you for your kind words... and my heart will always be his... most of what I believe, all came from him... see... if I am a faerie... he wanted to be a spy or a ninja before... now we know where my craziness came from huh?

awwww hugs you, you dad is not to be missed he is forever in your memories and heart. he is to be celebrated for bring you to the world you are PAWESOME and so I would like to thank your Dad for making it possible for me to meet you! now runs away a little charred from geetars dog story! hehehehe

Aww Sylphy...*huge hugs* <br />
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Memories...When I hear the songs my mama and I used to sing when I was a little girl, I'm reduced to tears. I told someone else this once. When you lose someone so close...with time, the intense, can't-breathe-don't-know-how-I'll-make-it-through-today grief fades. But when I have the resurgence of grief for my mom - I have learned to enjoy it, because I'm remembering her. He deserves to be remembered. For what he was to you. For being what so many men can't seem to be - a make one kid feel like the most important thing in the world. <br />
<br />
I'm sorry you lost him, but am so glad you had a dad that gave you good memories. When I was searching "father" and "dad" for my story tonight, I was shocked that "I love my dad" wasn't in the top few pages. It was all about hate and ickier stuff. Let's be thankful that we had 2 of the good ones.

Your welcome, Gee... promise this faerie that you would do this... uhm, you do have daughter(s), no? And yes, my Dad will always be great... *hugs*...

Waaahhh... wish, wish, wish... but I can't turn back the time, can I? Darn wand won't let me... I had my grandpa walk me down the aisle, and my second dance. He was there, too for my high school and uni graduations. I love my grandpa and well, he's gone, too now... but of course, I wonder how it would have been if my dad was around then........ especially for those grad balls... *winks*...

Awww... *runs to HT... big hug*... he is gone and I am always saddened by it... i still can not bear to listen to Moon River... I would probably bawl... good thing it's not in the Top Billboard Chart or something...

No... It isn't...<br />
<br />
"A Dustland Fairytale" is one of my favorites by them. I guess, to me, in a sense it has a similar effect to me as "Round Here" By Counting Crows.<br />
<br />
I think, the reason I always choke up on this story.. Is just because the fact of a "dance" can mean anything, depending on your way of looking at it. Dance with him. Play. Hang out. Good off. Movies. The fact that, he's gone, and all you have left is memories and images but nothing, truely physical.<br />
<br />
When you know they're gone, you wished you could have had one final dance and spent the best moments together, before it's too late.

Hmm... well my dad never knew The Killers... lol... I know, sorry, bad joke... but I do like this song. The title caught my attention before and so I looked it up... you know... anything with fairy in it, I dash for it... haha.............. I just did not associate it with Moon River, the original... but is this the reason why you get choked up???

Every time i hear "Moon River" it reminds me of "A DustLand Fairytale" by The Killers. Especially this:<br />
<br />
"A blue-jean serenade, and moon river, what you do to me<br />
I don't believe you<br />
<br />
Saw Cinderella in a party dress<br />
But she was looking for a nightgown<br />
I saw the devil wrapping up his hands<br />
He's getting ready for the showdown<br />
I saw the minute that I turned away<br />
I got my money on a palm tonight"

HT... *hugs*... you always do choke up on this story... *rubs shoulders*... we'll talk...<br />
<br />
*runs to More...*... You read my story... thanks... *hugs*... you can do the same with your granddaughters, More... make them remember a story about you, too...

that's so moving, Sylph...<br />
and Moon River, such a marvellous song...

Read this again... Made me choke up inside..<br />
<br />
Memories > Nothing<br />
<br />

Hopefully your daughters would share a story or two someday... <br />
<br />
And somehow the faerie knows they will......... *hugs, Dean*...

I think I was more of a handful really...but okay, I like smitten, too. :)

Your story made me smile Sylph. It's a lovely memory. You were lucky to have such a lovely Dad. I bet he was smitten with his little girl. :)

Oh, I have always imagined what it would have been like...........he would have waited in the parking lot until the prom is over. LOL<br />
<br />
He did a similar first party I attended at a friend's house with guys and whatever else (I went to an all girls school so having boys in a party is a big thing!). He waited by the curb. My friend's dad noticed him like some lurking stalker. He invited him over and they ended up playing cards while we partied.<br />
<br />
Cute ay?

I knew your dad wouldn't have been to your prom but if might help you to imagine it. dad never saw me go to the prom nor ball nor my wedding... :(<br />
<br />
But thank you, WG...really...this is just too beautiful. I didn't even know of the song. I'm putting it in my blog. I love you, honey. Thank you... *big hug*<br />
<br />
And I can't stop crying...

Here's a song for you Sylph....get ready with the tissues, it'll make you cry....<br />
<br />

Thank you, Omniel...and thank you for dancing with your daughter. :)

I would love that, HT...I would really love to have one more dance with him. Thank you and sorry for the tears. *hugs*

=( That made me cry some. Nice to have those memories. <br />
<br />
Im sure the two of you will share one more dance, one day. :)

Thanks, Lilly *hugs*...there were so many precious memories...and I was recalling them one by one at work today. Seems like my dad, wherever he is, just wants me to stop and smell the roses. Thanks, Lils... :)

DV, we all have our misty songs...that's sweet that you get mushy with 'Through the Years'. Thanks for the comment. :)<br />
<br />
Bella...*hugs*...we did...we did love those moments...I remember waiting up for him in the evening so we can have our dance...thank you, honey :)<br />
<br />
Yes, Jimmy...keep dancing with your daughters. Trust me, they will love it. Probably at first they might think of you as strange (but you are strange anyway). ;)<br />
And sure, you can borrow Moon River if you feel this could be your song, too. :) Thank you...

That is sweet. I'll remember to dance with my daughters. And I love the song Moon River.

Sounds like you both enjoyed those special moments....What a beautiful memory to have (((((hugs))))))