Life Is Not Easy Without Him

My dad passed away in August of 2008, and it still seems like yesterday. I am the youngest of his three daughters and always know as his favorite. We were so much alike and everyone knew I was his baby girl.  To me he was always my hero and I called him my superman. Growing up I never knew my father to be ill, he was always a very hard working man who never complained. It wasn't until 2007 that I found out that he was seriously ill, and had a mini stroke while driving. Once that happened things didn't seem to get better but some days were better than others. Once he was released from the hospital the doctor said he had another two years, but he never lived to see his next birthday.

Now I am without my superman but he will forever live in my heart, and be the wind beneath my wings. Rest in peace Dad. I will always miss you.

SoftSpokenOne SoftSpokenOne
51-55, F
Feb 19, 2010