Last Memory

My dad's death was not as hard to deal with as the manner of his death.  He had heart problems and went through quadruple bypass surgery, we all expected that he would go someday soon, but we thought it would be quick and sudden.  Instead he ended up in the hospital for weeks with his condition fluctuating from bad to worse to not-so-bad to bad to he's going to be okay and back to bad.  It was an emotional roller coaster.  

He was finally recovering and we all believed he would come through, so I left to fly back to my home across the country.  Two weeks later he took a sudden turn for the worse and passed away within 24 hrs.

In my last memory of him he was laughing and happy.  He was still on the ventilator, so he couldn't talk, but he was conscious and joking with me and my husband.  He was his old self.  I am forever grateful that I can still think of him joking and laughing.

Alliya Alliya
31-35, F
Feb 26, 2010