My Dad

My dad died of cancer 4 years ago, he knew for 3 month but didn't ask to see me before he died and yet me and him were so close, when I'm at my worst I feel like I can't breathe because I miss him so much and I just feel alone because all people can say is you will be fine. I don't sleep most nights because I just want answers. First post just felt like sharing
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Your daddy is still with you in spirit.

There's a country song, "Cow Girls Don't Cry" sort of reminds me of your story. I'm sure your daddy loved you & taught you how to be a strong woman. Maybe you can gain some strength from this tune.

Thank you, you're right it is the same situation thank you again so much ill try stay strong

Ride baby ride! As the song says.

Haha yeh

make daddy proud

Haha thats all I want in life

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