It's Been 25 Days Since You Left

And still feels like the first day. My handsome daddy, I will always miss to look at your wonderfull blue eyes. The last evening you had gone to buy some chocolate to all of us. You never consider yourself as an old men, you weren't. You were walking even faster than me. You could never become like the old, gray haired grandfathers I see.

You were the only man I knew that never curses. Never heard an ugly word from your mouth. You never asked for a glass of water from me or someone else. You always wanted not to be a burden to anybody. You liked working too much. From the day you were 15 until you were 67, you always worked. You never liked to rest, now it is your time to rest. Your place in the sofa will always be empty.

I miss you daddy, I want to sit on your stomach like the times when I was a little girl. Wait for me my handsome daddy, when my time has come, I will be with you...

aysanmed aysanmed
1 Response Feb 15, 2009

Thanks Scully. I am having my time to grieve. The hardest part is to getting used to this pain.