It was three years ago I just have to turned 10 and at the point my brother and my dad were fighting so my dad offered to go of a camping trip but my brother said no so I went it was really hard about 2 to 3 days later I was up at my grandmas and I had to go home I didn't knwo why but when I got there I found out my dad was in the hospital so I was really worryed because my dad was in a coma some sort of coma but we thought he would recover because every time he was at a hospital he came home but so my mom thought it was a good idea to send us to my grandmas so we went up wih and the next day my mom called and said that he died it was really hard and I can't get over it it's so hard and I want to go bust his grave but I haven't got to in so long
bmwical bmwical
Aug 23, 2014