I Miss My Angel...

Today I miss my Angel a Lot today. I woke up aching, and I knew why, its because I had a dream about her last night. I am still at the point where I have my good days, and my Bad days dealing with the loss of her, and today is one of the bad days, where I wish she was in my arms.

I know, she is in my heart, and in god's arms, but I wish it was the other way around today. I wish Just for this one day, because I know it can't be like this every-day, that you were in my arms.

I miss my Angel, my Emily, my everything....

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3 Responses Jul 16, 2010

Im having a hard time, I lost my Daughter 6 months ago... <br />
and hurt, <br />
Have not words for you... <br />
I have dream with her after 2 months... a nice dream, but I want to dream again with her, and I can't<br />
sorry for your lost..<br />
Sergio<br />

How poignantly put from Kentuckyguy62.<br />
<br />
I am experiencing a terribly painful breakup and the grieving has been uncontrollable.<br />
<br />
Even though death is more permanent, I do believe that when you love someone, the loss is just as severe in a different way.<br />
<br />
God bless. I wish you both well.

My wife died unexpectedly last year. One day she was here the next she was gone. I don't know how you feel but I have a good idea. I feel blessed that I did have have the time that I did with her. I have moved on with my life but she will always have a place in my heart. I know she would want me to go on with my life so that is what I am doing.I know I can never replace her but I can move on. I don't take life for granted anymore and I have a greater respect for life. I try to help others who have experienced loss and are hurting.One tip I can give you is to hang on to any photos or favorite toys.Try to talk to other people about the good times you had with her.Share your favorite memory about her with a close friend. I found that the more I talk about the good times and memories the easier it gets to move on. Don't make the mistake of trying to replace her because you can't. And don't make the mistake of trying to bottle up your feelings and emotions. If you do you will never be able to move on. You need to talk and get your inner most feelings out. That is why I am still here.