Just Need To Get It Out

My daughter is the most beautiful, funny, spunky little girl in the world. She recently got burned by a hot water heater accident and had to be air lifted to a hospital 8 hours from my home. I was at work when the accident happened. I slept in a chair in the hospital next to her bed for 10 days. She is going to be fine, however CYFD (an organization like CPS) decided to put my daughter in foster care, claiming the accident was intentional. I offered to do anything they told me to keep from them taking her away. I wasnt even there and even all the nurses said it was unfair because my daughter clings to me like a barnicle and we love each other to bits.

Other than the heater (Which was immediately repaird) my home is a perfectly safe place to live. I even offered to move into my mom's house. She has a mansion and is a nurse who could help with my daughter's burn care. They decided to give her to strangers who have no idea what they are doing. Nice people. Really sweet. But clueless, and hey, they are not me.

Now I am spending my first night since her birth without her. I don't know what to do with myself other than google nonsense things like "Help me" and "I miss my daughter" into google. I feel likeĀ a husk of a human. Mothers days is in a few days... Jesus
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1 Response May 8, 2012

Oh my God, I'm so so sorry. I lost my children, only for a very short while, due to having an evil incarnate social worker take a dislike to me, and I suspect she also blamed me as oppose to the other party because I have a personality disorder and she quite frankly didn't have a clue.<br />
My heart goes out to you.<br />
But please don't see this as the beginning of the end. Jump through their hoops, no matter how seemingly unreasonable, do your research, write things down and fight like a mad thing to get your little girl back. You can do this. Hugs.