Feel Like A Bad Dad

My name is oscar i have a 5 year old doughter her name is vannesa me and her mom would always argue she would allways put me down and i would put her down this relationship was allways an arguing relation ship we had a hate relation ship. she would be allways happy and i would allways be sad and mad. we would allways argue we would breakup and make up all the time eversince my doughter was born. well i finally told her that i cant go on anymore in this relationship. but i feel sad becaouse my doughter wont see us together and my doughter alllways tells me to go live with them and i cant explain to her that i dont love her mom anymore. this makes me feel like a bad dad but i know that i cant be in a relationship with her mom just so my doughter can see that am there for her. i dont know if me breaking up with her mom makes me a bad dad. is it bad to stay in this relationship together just for my kid?
papitriste papitriste
1 Response Nov 27, 2012

just because you don't live in the house, doesn't mean you can't be around her. not at all.