Woman But Still My Baby

My baby girl has been gone now for 4 weeks. She is in basic training for The US Army and although I am so proud of her i miss her more than words can say. The worst is that a friend of hers seems to be playing games with me, I have been trying to get an address to send her a letter a card anything, and her friend has know it all this time and did not tell me.  She called her dad the other night who works out of town crying because she thought I was mad at her for she wrote me a letter wks ago and I never answered, but I have yet to get this letter which only makes me believe this friend of hers came by and took it for she used to live with us. I wish I could call her up just to hear her tell one of her stories that never seem to end. Her silly little dances at the end of my bed as she makes up her own words to a song. All I can say is I pray she knows she is every mothers dream. I love you Brittny!!

brittimsmom brittimsmom
Aug 25, 2009