I See My Parents Frequently.

My parents have been dead for for over 15 years. I have seen them standing beside me. I have seen them on the passenger side of my car.

Once on a friday I was coming home from work on the train. We stopped at a station. On one side was a group of houses. They had a roof over the front step. That caused me to remember sitting on the front step with my father in the summer. Many times we were on the step watching a summer storm come rolling in. We could feel the wind pick up speed. Eventually it would start raining. I looked away from the houses and I saw my father sitting beside me. He was wearing khaki pants and a plaid shirt. I do not remember if I ever saw my dad in flowing robes or something you might imagine a spirit from heaven wearing. Here he was dressed like he had just come home from work. In my mind I said to my dad "what is with the casual clothes" He said "they have casual fridays in heaven you know" 


When my mother died I spent the night in my parents home. I wanted to make sure my father was ok. My father went to sleep. I was sitting in "his" chair in the tv room. It was around 11pm. Suddenly, in my minds eye I saw my mother. She sat in "her" chair and she looked over at me. She said "Steve, I am ok now".

It has been sometime since I have seen my parents. I believe they are always with me.

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Three nights after my mum died I was washing up the pots for my dad when I heard my mum's voice saying to me "Bye sweetheart", the voice came from near the front door. She always did this when she was on her way out the front door to go to work, as I turned around rather puzzled I looked up at the wall clock behind me the time was 9.10pm, the time that she sadly passed away.

you are so lucky<br />
<br />
I can sense when my maternal grandma is with me <br />
but it is not that often<br />
<br />
my granddaughter (9 months old) will stand up on me and start waving and talking to someone behind us and we are the only people home<br />
<br />
I think it is my husband mom

They're always with us, always. Not in the bath, obviously, but when it matters. I often sense my Grandad & i just acknowledge it and take a nice feeling with me for the rest of the day.

That was beautiful. I have never seen my father since he has passed on....but I do sense his presences from time to time.