My Hero

  I was 19 when my Dad passed away.  He was the first "close" person I'd lost.  I thought I was gonna die.   We only had six weeks from the time they admitted him for testing till he died of lung cancer.

  My Dad was the one that I went to when I needed to talk.  He listened and never, ever judged.  He would offer suggestions, and leave you to make your own decisions...and pick up the pieces when ya didn't quite get it right.  He was strong, quiet...and had really cool hands.  Must be a girl thing, my daughters have said the same thing about their father.

  My Dad was only 44 years old when we lost him.  It's been 35 years ago...and I miss him.  Sure wish we could talk again.



lostathome73 lostathome73
Apr 9, 2009