I Miss My Beautiful Max He Was My Bestfriend

hi my name is melissa im really upset so i thought id write it out hoping i feel a bit better i lost my pet max in november 2011 nearly 6 months ago n its killing me inside still. he was a pomeranian dog he was 16 years old but we had to put him down after the vets tried to keep him alive for a few hours on a drip and lots of pain killers and a machine to keep his kidneys going a bit longer he passed away from kidney failure i hope he wasnt in too much pain i havnt had anyone pass away close to me usually everyone just leaves but out of everyone they ended up taking my max away from me 1st i dont know how to deal with death last year was the worst year of my life it was worse than when my mum left ages ago. I loved him so much we had so many good years i find it hard to look through pictures of him without crying your all probably thinking omg get over it they were just a pet but i dont care what people think he was more than that and animal lovers and carers understand what im talking about! i miss you max so
missy1988 missy1988
May 18, 2012