My Baby Blaine

My puppydog, barely 3 years old, was torn from me and my disabled father when a local punk who owned a motorcycle ran over my sweet Blaine going 40mph in a 15mph neighborhood. He didn't suffer, but he didn't make it to the vet hospital. He went peacefully with my father, his best buddy and the person he spent literally 24/7 with, by his side.
We got no justice for his death, but people knew he was to blame for ending who I called "my baby's" life so shortly. He should have lived another 10 years at best, and even outlived my dying dad, who he was his only companion and social interaction. Not to mention: he was ran over on my fathers 57th birthday. He got to ride in our van, his favorite place to be, in his last minutes.

I regret not doing more with him, and not taking him for granted. I have envy for those who got to spend over a decade with their loved one and they left out of natural causes. How my Blaine died felt so unnatural and untimely, and it brought so many feelings of regret (for not showering him with as much love as I had for him), and guilt for feeling that perhaps I could have prevented it from happening, if only I didn't scold him earlier that day maybe he would have went not feeling he was the bad dog that day. He was always the good dog, and loved by everyone who met him. I hope to one day hold him again on the other side.
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1 Response May 25, 2012

as i read what you typed, i could only cry...... loosing my own dog just yesterday i can say that i can relate..... we wish we could have done more when they were with us, but we can't go back. us focus on the sad then we might start forgetting all the good times we had with them. playing their favorite game, bringing home new toys from the store, going on that one really REALLY good walk. THOSE are the times we should focus on..... it helps......