Best Friend For 6 Years.....

Yesterday i lost my best friend of six years. he was a hound dog that will be missed greatly...... he was more than just a dog though what hurts most.... is he was a brother to me....... and i miss him a lot. his derpy look to his face when he was happy, i even miss his snoring. i miss that dog a lot. we cremated him with his favorite stuffed animal. a cow that i won at the carnival. that dog was something else. he was smart and wanted to make us happy. he could spell, bow, jump, open doors, but he was TERRIFIED of heights...... i miss him..... a lot.... before we put him in the car to go to the vet to be put down all i could say was "it's going to be okay. the vet is going to make all your pain end. i love you so much and i'll miss you and no matter what you will not be forgotten and never will be replaced. you're a good dog. a very good dog." i just told him that over and over and over again...... it's all i could do...... i couldn't even go to the vet with the others in my family....... i miss him...... i really do. no matter what trouble he caused, i miss him..... he was a brother, a best friend, someone to finish the food i didn't want from dinner...... he will be forever remembered.
MeriWilliamsWUS MeriWilliamsWUS
18-21, F
Sep 19, 2012