My Wonderful Darling Husband

i lost my husband on 7th april 2010 and it hurts so much, i miss him every minute of every day we were together 26 years. Although my husband was 22 years older than me we were made for each other and i just don't know how to cope without him, we spent 24/7 together and we got  on fantastic, my heart is broken and it will never mend until i meet with him again.
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My heart goes out to you. I understand what you going through and although you feel like you will never mend, you will. Your husband will actually give you the strenght to manage each day. Just have faith and belief in him. He is now and will always be your guiding light. Never forget that. When you hear your favourite song or see something you like, it then when he is right there next to you. Believe it!!

My heart is broken. I lost my husband to cancer 20 days-ago on oct -11 -2012 We were married for 31 year ... Married being teenagers. Times were hard. But we had love ... I don't know how to 'Live without him' ... Yes, I also just realized I am a widow at 48 .. Taking him off life support was the most devastating ... The pain is unbearable ... I understand what you are going through ... I will pray for you

I lost my wife in 2009. I can tell you that it still hurts, but that life does go on. you have survived to this point and you will continue to survive. That can be a blessing or a curse, its up to you. The hardest thing for me to realize was that i must go on alone and make a new life for myself. I did the Griefshare program, and I recommend it or a similar program - there is help out there for you. I know, in my heart, that I will meet my wife again, somehow, some way. I'm sure you will meet your husband again too. I am here for you, as is everybody in this group. All you have to do is ask. Your husband would want you to build a new life for yourself. That is what we are all trying to do. I know you will never forget him,and that is as it should be. <br />

I lost my husband Tom on 8/7/2010. He was my everything, we were together for 35 1/2 years. I always felt protected and loved while he was alive and thank GOD I still do. I also wear his wedding ring and his necklace, they serve as a symbols of our love we shared. I love him more than anything and I always will. I have a grief counselor and attend a weekly GriefShare meeting, It is very difficult to find the strength to grieve and to try to function at the same time. My daughter, my dad and friends have been there for me through this hell I'm walking through. I hate being a widow it has replaced my former beloved status as his wife. I loved being married to him. My husband died in my arms and the last thing I said to him was "I love you and wait for me" I believe this was his gift to me and I'm so grateful to him for that. The thought of him being alone at that moment would have been devasting to me. My husband fought a very courageous but painful battle with heart disease and I'll never forget it. My only comfort in this present life is that when I leave this world my beloved husband will be waiting for me.

My heart goes out to all of you. I do share your pain even though all of our situations are different. I lost my precious Husband of 35 years, 5 years ago, he was only 58 and his doctor DELIBERATELY killed him the day before Thanksgiving. Everyone says "It'll get easier", "You know your Husband wouldn't want you to be so sad", "You just have to move on with your life", etc., etc., but none of what they say has happened, nor do I believe it's true. I still wear my wedding rings and I wear his wedding ring on a chain around my neck. I need him more with every breath and I really don't know how to cope with all of this either. All I know is I still need him and always will. We were NEVER separated. Please write if you'd like to talk more.<br />
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God Bless You All

i feel your pain on4/4/10 i came home to see that my husband had taking is life with a gun.i nevery got to say good bye or i love you.i miss him so much that i tried to take my life too so i could be with him.we met when we where 15 got married at 18 had 2 kids and a good life. i look for him to come home from work but he never does on 8/1/10 would have been our 30th annivsary .i to wear is ring i hate that i am not a wife is hard to think of all the good times we had when all i see is that day.i try every day to hang on so you do the same.

Your story is very similar to mine......husband eleven years older, 27-year marriage, together almost 24/7, passed away 01/11/10. In addition, I was a divorcee and my Glenn gave me a second chance at love and a marriage that renewed my faith in relationships. To get through this lonely, painful periiod, I have prayed "to Glenn, himself" asking for his help in adjusting to life without him. Whether fact or fiction, this has helped. I also wear his wedding ring with mine serving as a ring guard which comforts me. As time passes, I am beginning to think of him with less sadness and more pleasant memories for which I am grateful. I share your pain. Peace be with you!

My heart goes out to you... Sometimes its good to talk to a stranger and let it out, so email me......<br />
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If tears could build a stairway,<br />
And memories a lane,<br />
I'd walk right up to Heaven<br />
And bring you home again.<br />
~Author Unknown