I Miss Him So Much....

My husband died after an 8 week illness.  Later we found out he had brain cancer.  It was quick and I had so much to do with my two teenagers.  I miss him more than ever now.  We were married for nearly 24 years, he was 45.  For a long time I felt the warmth support of those around me, especially friends in the church.  But everything is closing in now, the lack of money, the house falling apart.  I think it was the lawn mower and the washing machine needing replacement in the same week that sent me over the edge.  It seems almost amusing now.  thanks for listening.  xxx
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i can understand your pain. my husband died 10 months before and i was pregnant with a 8 month baby.my husband didn't even got to see his son. we were married for 2 years and i was so happy with him. he was my best friend, my soulmate and everything to me. now i don't feel anything after he has left us. i feel like my life has lost its colors. i have my son and he is the only reason why i haven't think about killing myself. i still cry everyday and miss him so much. my friends wants me to see other guys but i don't think i can ever love someone else other than my husband. don't worry and he is always with u even if his body is not with u but his soul always is.

I am so very sorry that your husband passed. My husband passed as well, about 2 1/2 months now. He died of Cancer. We fought for 2 1/2 years to beat the disease. I have an 8 yr. old daughter from my husband. We were happily married for close to 10 yrs. I miss him very much, and I worry about the future, like how will this affect my daughter during her life growing up. I worry if I am making decisons that will make my husband proud of us. The only reason I am still going is because the night my husband was dying in the hospital, I made a vow to him that I would make decisions that would be best for our daughter and I would carry his name and bring honor to it. I try hard not to think about it, I cry everyday. It is the hardest thing I have ever gone through, I feel like a happy part of me died as well.

I feel your pain as today is three years my sweet husband left me physically from this earth. My sadness is undescribable as I feel it every day, hour minute second.

<p>I lost my husband over eight years ago, and the memory is still as fresh and painful as the day he died. He had a massive heart attack. I cried every day for sometime after. I still have crying episodes when I think of the beautiful relationship we share for 20 years--he was my best friend. We have a son, now 24 years old, and he looks so much like his father. I thank god that when I look at my son, I know I still have a part of my husband with me.</p>

Dear Catherine,<br />
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My husband has been in long term care for six months and now had been in hospice for over a month. Overnight, he went from being a robust man to a dying one. The day to day problems and magnificent expenses continue and get in the way with our grieving. I love my husband so much and it is not his fault that this tragedy happened. <br />
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If you have a lawn mower, you will need to mow the lawn. If you washer broke, hand wash everything that is hand washable and take the rest to the coin op. If you have children, give them assignments and have them help you. Be strong and keep it together. You are too young to let this pull you down. It hurts when the people around you do not help. It seems like when tragedy first strikes everyone is there; but afterwards, when you really need support, no one is there. There should be hospice help available to you?<br />
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I send my prayer to you. When everything gets tough, and more than laughable, I always put the problem in the hands of our Lord. <br />
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I have been in those shoes. My husband was 45 and we had just celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary. <br />
This is my third Christmas without him, and it's been unbearable.<br />
I can so relate to the bills piling up and things falling apart..<br />
<br />
It does ease, but it never goes away, even when we find someone else.<br />
There are always going to be times that are worse than others.<br />
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My husband died 4 months ago and it gets worse instead of better. I miss him so much and I cry every night . We were married almost 48 years and I cannot bear to think that I have to live--to keep on without him. I am so lonesome! I am heartbroken and so sad and desolate....

may god be with you! I lost my husband 2 months and 16 days now to a colon cancer, and I still can't imagine my life without him and accept the fact that he passed. The stangest thing is 2 days after he passed the house started falling apart, the stairs broke, the sewage pipe got backed up and on the top of all that, the mice showed out of no where, I can't live in my home anymore because I'm scared of all this, and in mean time I want him to talk to me in my dreams, I still did not get a chance to say good bye, and everytime I dream about him he's either looking at me, or driving me somewhere in the car, I want to hear his voice, and I have a lot of things to tell him. Any ideas?<br />
thanks<br />

My heart just goes out to you. It's horrible to have to deal with all of those things without our precious Husbands. Mine was deliberately killed by his doctor 5 years ago and I need him more every day, with every breath I take. God Bless You & write if you'd like.