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Hi all I lost my bautafull partner on the 23rd jun 2012 I miss him so much I can't stop the tears the pain in my heart is bad I want him back he's my life we spent all our time together I love him so much god I would love just to hold and kiss him to smell him near me to tell him I love him to have one more night of passion I need him so much my room is like a shrine with his stuff I feel so alone wethought my love
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2 Responses Aug 20, 2012

I too lost my husband in June. It's really hard. I miss him every day. Our three year old doesn't understand and asks where daddy is almost every day still. I have all his stuff still too. I wish people would understand that a spouse is like a part of you. Like not having him makes me feel like part of my being is missing. We were a couple for 25 years. I miss him

I am so very sorry you lost your husband. You take good care of yourself everyone processes differently. Yours is still so fresh. I am so sorry and know what you are going through. I lost my husband of 17 years last year. I still cry everyday for him. Let your process unfold naturally. My mom who I had to move in with because my husband took care of me he was our breadwinner so I had to move as my sister in law wouldn't allow me to live with her. My mom used to and she still does tells me not to cry and to not think about him etc that's bad advice. I think you should cry if u feel to and never let someone tell u not to think of him. In told Brian is always with me so I'm sure your husband is with u too. It will get better I promise u this u take care of you please and know there are people out here sending u much love