We Will Never Part...

My precious husband, who IS my soulmate and best friend, passed away unexpectedly 21 days ago. Actually, I am still in a state of disbelief, especially because were always inseparable. Our 25th wedding anniversary will be on 9-25...just a few days away. In our vows, we promised each other that we would be married always, into eternity.

He retired 2 years ago, and although I am disabled, we were just starting to enjoy life as much as possible in the different state we moved to, because it has so much to offer. When he passed away, a great part of me passed away too. We will never be able to do the things that we had looked forward to doing for so long.
And life/passing is so unfair! It is unfair to him because he loved our new, beautiful property so much and which he had worked so hard to obtain. It is unfair to him because he was a GREAT, compassionate man, a PERFECT, loving husband, and he had a hard life...and now it was his turn to enjoy a nice life that he deserved so much.
It is unfair because now I am totally alone. I need him, and I miss him terribly. I love him with all of my heart.

I try to think that because we are soulmates, we are still inseparable. And I believe that we are spiritually inseparable. But sometimes that does not take away the pain with the absence of his physical presence. Seeing things in 2's is a constant reminder of the emptiness: two chairs at the kitchen table, 2 chairs on each patio, anything that we shared with "two."

My life changed drastically in an instant. Our plans together were ended in an instant.
Now I must learn to cope, to live without his physical presence. But only God knows for how long...until I see my beloved husband again...and we will be happy for all eternity.

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2 Responses Sep 10, 2012

Hi. I just lost my husband on oct -11 -2012 And I know how you feel. I guess why I am on here .. I am so so very lost. Diagnosed with lung cancer march 28 2012. I believed he would get better and in the end had to take him off life support in icu. ( One place he did not want to go .....) i didnt even stay at the funeral parlor. It was too painful ... Everything in this home is him .. We were married. 31 years Sweethearts at 15 and he was 18 .. My heart hurts my chest hurts Everything hurts ... I miss him so so very much

I understand your pain completely, I lost my 38 year old husband on Aug.31,2012. I feel dead inside, we were so close and also inseparable. We never went anywhere or did anything apart. The only time I didn't see him was when he was at work, but we still talked throughout the day over the phone. There are no words to describe this pain, it's agonizing, sometimes I feel like I can't breathe. I constantly tell him how much I love him and miss him. I would give my life for him, I wish God could turn back time, it hasn't been that long since he's been gone, I don't see why it's not possible to get him back. I cannot accept this, we have a young son, and he lost his daddy. I want to be where he is, I need to know that he's okay.