Til Death Do Us Part

Im crying right now .... trying to remember the moments on our wedding day...December 13, 2003 was the day that husband and I officially tie the knot after going out together for 3 years... it was a very simple wedding yet turn out to be a very memorable one for me because family and friends were there for us to witness our vows and love for each other... I never thought that the last heart breaking phrase of a vow TIL DEATH DO US PART be this soon... still cant imagine that He is no longer with us... Im still longing for his presence... I really do miss him... My Husband Is My Best Friend, My Confidant, and my Everything!!!!
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1 Response Dec 12, 2012

I understand what you going threw I lost my fiance two weeks ago 4 months before our wedding day and I cant describe what i'm going threw i've recently started smoking and drinking just to try and forget about everything I loved him so much it feels like i'm losing my mind we had so much plans he had to much to deal with and decided to end his life....My world was shattered and still is i cant see myself ever getting over him his was my FIRST TURE LOVE he complete me I would think of something and he would say it lol....he was an amazing man...I understand that everything happens for a reason but what could this reason be?...because everything i loved and cared about is gone the only reason i'm still living is because of my 16 month old son his the center of my joy....I feel so helpless because I wasn't there for him I should've done something to stop him...now his gone and I have nothing left HOW DO I COPE AND STAY STRONG FOR MY SON?