My Monkey Has Left Me

My husband of 36 years passed of Cirrhosis of The Liver on Valentines Day, in my arms, while I was singing our favorite song in his ear.

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4 Responses Mar 21, 2009

So sad, sorry. My honey passed on Christmas last year.

My husband of 15years passed away from cirrhosis of the liver too. I am so devastated. I miss him like crazy. I just want to die so I can be with him. I can't even function. He was only 42 years old

I wish i could of done that, he passed whilst i wasnt there x

Your story just breaks my heart. Your strength at being able to sing your favorite song to your precious Husband at his moment of death is just so admirable. I can't even imagine doing that. I'm sure it comforted him more than you know. I held my precious Husband as he took his last human breath, after the doctor DELIBERATELY killed him. It's the worst feeling anyone can ever experience, isn't it? God Bless You and write if you'd like to.