Miss My Hubby

My husband died November 22, 2009. In a car accident not far from my house. I still am not able to stay in our home. I go over there a little bit everyday so that I will eventually be able to live there again. I still have his clothes hanging up in the closet. It's almost like he doesnt exist anymore because I know if he was on this earth anywhere, he would want to be with me and the kids. I had a baby a month and 1/2 before he died so it is even more heart breaking. I have dreams that he is with me, and then I am happy. The only time I have peace is when I am sleep, having good thoughts and dreams. When I wake up in the morning. I wake up to reality and it is heartwrenching thinking about facing the day without him... 

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My heart just breaks for you. I'm sooooo sorry for your loss. I too lost my precious Husband of 35 years, to a doctor who DELIBERATELY killed him, 5 years ago. I do live in our house, but sleeping in our bed is still really difficult for me. My Husbands clothes are still in the closet too and I don't plan on removing them anytime soon. Know that your Husband does still exist and he is trying his hardest to still be with you and his kids. That's why he's coming to you in, what I call, "Real Dreams". You are so very blessed to be having these. I've had a few of my Husband, but not nearly enough. When you wake up, do you still feel him? Are the dreams more vivid and more real than any dreams you've ever had in your entire life? Please write to me if you'd like. God Bless You.

i am sorry to hear about your loss, maybe i can help you feel better if you want to go out sometime

I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. <br />
I hope you find people here who you can talk to, to help you through this