I Havent Heard Anything Yet And Im Starting To Get Worried!

my bf deployed on may 28th, hes a medic and i havent heard from him yet. i'm sure hes okay, but im still worried. he told me he would send me his address when he got there so i could send him packages and stuff but i still havent heard from him! How much longer do you think it will take before i hear from him? should i be worried? we are also newly dating and im gettin paranoid!!! like what if he purposely isnt contacting me? im sure it sounds crazy but i just really really would like to hear from him!! this is driving me crazy!
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3 Responses Jun 10, 2010

My husband is deployed, and sometimes they do have black out days where they can use the phones or computers. so, what we made up was just so I would know he was ok he would go to the store there on base and buy a toothbrush, and when I wouldnt hear from him I would check our bank statement online and if I saw a charge on the account, then I knew he was fine :)

That toothbrush idea is amazing! I would have never thought of that. Even though that wouldn't work for my soldier and I, since we don't share a bank account, that is such a helpful hint! :)

yes i have, i now get totalk to him almost everyday, its crazy how just one short email can make you smile when your having a bad day! Gosh i miss him...

have you heard from him yet?