Deployed Boyfriend!?

Nothin is easy.....right? My boyfriend was deployed to Afghanistan 8 months ago.....two weeks ago he was back on two week leave. It was great to see him. But I wasnt as happy as before he was deployed....maybe its because I need to adjust to having him back? Also I have mixed feelings. Some days I feel like I love and miss him so much and then others I just want to be single and be able to do whatever I want. It confuses me so much....I have been with him for 2 and a half years and he is such a great guy but I feel like my life revolves around him being deployed. I don't know if its just my age since I'm a college student and wanting to go out and such. It just confuses its like I don't want to mess anything up and break up with the wrong guy but then again I dont want to waste my college years. He says he probally won't sign up again...but that doesn't mean he won't be deployed again! I don't want to be an army wife some day at all. Does anyone else feel like this? Sometimes I feel like I'm just in a rut and that life sucks.....I didnt feel this way when he was here!
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Thanks for the advice :).....I just didn't know if this was normal or what