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i met this guy on oct.13 and he didnt tell me he was in the marines til a couple days later but the bad part was he was leaving oct. i told him id be willing to see where it went and he agreed as well. i dont know what it is about him that keeps me wanting him only..we arent together or anything and he was able to call me twice in the same week at one point but i have not gotten a call from him in over a month and havent heard from him via internet for about 3 weeks. im getting worried and dont know what to think. i have his address to send him letters but i havent gotten any in response from him. what do i do? im attached in a way but i dont know how he feels and i just worry that he just decided to not contact me anymore but in a way i dont think thats whats happening. i just dont know what to do or think. i need help from anyone please.

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Just saw your post and thought of myself. I am in your shoes completely. I met this guy who I really like who is in the AF and he got deployed 13 days ago. We spent a lot of time together for two weeks prior to him leaving. We too are not together. I haven't heard from him since his first stop. But I was told I would not hear from him until he returned to the states in about 4 months. I think you should follow your heart. Continue to write him and show him you care and support him. Maybe it is just a time where he is that he is on a mission and has no communication. I send an email out every 5 days eventhough I know he wont get it until he returns. It is natural to worry, I do it everyday. I hope you hear something soon.