Missing My Husband

My husband has been deployed since Nov. of 06. At the time we had only been married for about 9 months on the dot. The deployment was up in the air a lot, and they finally dropped the bomb on us about 2 or 3 months before they were supposed to be leaving. Now it has been seven months since he left. He was due home in Nov of 07, but of course he got extended. Now he isnt going to be home until Feb of 08. When he left i didnt know he was going to be extended, so i sugguested that he come home in Feb of 07 for R&R, so we could spend our one year anniversary together. Which was awesome at the time, but i am really kicking myself in the *** for it now. I wish i would have waited for R&R. Now i wont see him for a whole year. Well he did leave me with a little present during R&R. We are expecting our first child in Nov of 07. It makes me happy to know i have a piece of him with me, but it kills me too because i have to go through this pregnancy all alone. I do have family, but not having my husband here to share all the new little joys with hurts more than anything ive ever felt. Also knowing he wont be by my side when our child is brought into this world. Deployments defiantly test how strong you really are. So far i have been pretty strong. I wish i could say it is getting easier, but being away from the one you love most. Never gets easy.

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Hi there, I completely understand where you are coming from... I went throught the some thing only i was 5 months pregnant when my hubby deployed the first time....we had only been married for 8 months...he was able to make it home for the birth of our first baby but had to return back to iraq for another 7 months...now he is deployed again and we have 2 baby boys 2 yrs and the other is 8 months he is not due home for a long time we have a 15-18 month deployment this time! I know the struggles of not having your spouse there for all the joys of your pregnancy or the pains for that matter...and then for your childrens life...I also know from experience that it take a major toll on the hubby/daddy! You just have to keep your head up and keep looking forward to that next doc. apt. and think about what life will be like when he returns... military wives are their own breed...we are strong... you can do this girl...keep your head up and keep your hubby as informed as possible...maybe invest in a portable dvd pla<x>yer and a video camara i know that is one of my hubbys fav. ways of staying connected with us... give it a try...hope all is well good luck with the baby and congrats!

that must be scary/ hard having to go thru a birth by yourself... i have 2 kids and it was scary... no i didn't do it by myself, but the 'father' of my kids.. he and i weren't /arent even together...so having him next to me while i was giving birth... it was almost as if i felt alone because he 'wasn't' mine.... and he had another girlfriend... so i really felt ALONE even though he was there... it just wasnt the same... even sadder i was stupid enough to fall for him a second time and ended up with another one of his kids... I LOVE MY KIDS THOUGH... its just a bunch of mess with their dad..but i guess the good news is that i met a soldier online... i have waited for him for 4 months and he will be here in like 3 weeks...we are plainning to get married if all goes well with us 'meeting in person'... but 'your' situation scares me at times... because he wants kids and i'm wondering how i'd make it with all those kids by myself just in case he gets deployed... but the key words is.. hang in there, have faith and be strong... at least he didn't leave you... he'll be back home, it'll just be awhile... but please stay strong and true to him... my boyfriend tells me every month about a soldier getting a 'dear john letter' and then commiting suicide... or getting real depressed... Soldiers already stress enough so as a 'soldiers wife'... you just have to stay strong and believe everything will go well and he'll be back... atleast you're married n stuff... i just got knocked up with two kids and then left alone...but know since i date my 'soldier' i'm sure he's going to LOVE me and mend the pain and broken heart i had when all that happened to me before i met him... i can't wait to meet him... but please stay true... and be strong... everything will be 'okay'... i had 2 kids... its scary for your first child... but after that... they just come out easier... lol.. but good luck....

God, i am sorry for the pain you must be feeling, such mixed emotions, complete sadness with your hubby gone, being D A M N proud of him for what he is doing (and all three of you are in my prayer's) and being scared, joyful, nervous and all the other mixed emotions that go along with having your first baby. I have 2 little miracles, both boys, and even though my first is now 13 (OMG) i seriously can't even imagine going through it without my hubby (well sadly now my ex), but going through it alone WHILE your hubby is in harm's way must be scarier than <br />
h e l l. Sadly there are no words that can possibly comfort you and i wish i had some magical power to bring him home to you NOW for EVER! I doubt it will help but i will state the OBVIOUS, your husband is in every true way of the word, a HERO and i bless him and thank him for what he is so bravely doing. God Speed!!