Loving a Soldier


well, my story is kind of crazy! it all started when my step brother joined the army. and i didn't think that this would be getting anything out of it. well he got sent to Alaska. and that's on the complete other side of the country. well i saw a picture of one of his friends on his phone when he came home for Christmas. he was really good looking. so i just kinda messed with my brother a little bit and was like you should hook me up. (I have 8 brothers including step and he is second oldest, they are ALL VERY protective over me) so he kept saying no. well when he went back I was pretty sad because that was supposed to be the last time I saw him before he left to Afghanistan. So one night I woke up at like 4 in the morning for no reason and saw my cell phone was off. So I turned it on and had a txt form my brother and was excited to see it was form my brother. The txt said “my friend is going to call you”. I started freaking out because it was 4 and I was just now getting this txt. So I txt him back and said “hey sorry just got your txt. What friend are you talking about?” and he txt back and said “the one you were asking about” :) and I was so excited. So the next thing I know I get a txt from a number that I never have seen before.  But I knew who it was. He asked me about the picture that I saw of him on my brothers phone, and how he looked. (typical guy) so for the next couple days we just txted. I was starting to get scared because he was leaving soon to Afghanistan and I was started to like him A LOT! My brother called me and was like, don’t get attached hes leaving soon and it will just make thing complicated. And you wont ever meet him anyways there is no point. Well he started telling me that he had an accent and I hate county accent. And I found out that’s exactly what he had. But that night I talked to him on the phone for the first time he sounded so sweet. Instead of hating it I absolutely adored it. It was getting close to valentines day and he kept saying that he wanted to see me in person. He said that back home he was know for the guy that girls did not come to for relationships. He was the big shot, big jock. But that I seemed like the kind of girl who he wanted to change for. That made me so happy. Well after talking to my family my brother and him decided to come down for a valentines weekend. I was so excited because I was beginning to realize that I was falling for someone I haven’t even met before. (we went on web cam a few times and he was everything I thought) the weekend wouldn’t come fast enough. I cheer for my high school and we had a basketball game that night. So when he got there I was cheering. I was freaking out, I was so nervous. But I didn’t show it to him. After my game I went up to him and gave him the biggest hug. I was so excited to touch him in person! It was so amazing. We spent every moment together. I loved it. When he had to go back I cried. Because 1. I realized that I had falling in love with someone I had only seen in person once and it sounds so crazy and 2. he was deploying soon with my brother. But I really felt that God put him in my life for a reason and I don’t plan on letting him go. He is the only person that can make me laugh when I get mad at them. I know that he will be okay and back to the states soon. I know that my story is so crazy and after reading it so my self it sounds a lot crazier! But I just know that he is so perfect for me and God has put him in my life for a huge reason! My family adores him. That’s hard to find because I was raised by my dad and he is a hard man to please but sometimes I think he like him more then me! And he loves my family just the same. I will be waiting for him till he get back a I will do it with pleasure! I get to hear from him every few days and at crazy hours! But I love hearing his voice!
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2 Responses Mar 25, 2009

Awh, this is so cute; I hope everything works out for you(:

Yeah, I fell for a soldier three months ago and we found out that he is being deployed in July! How is it that the relationship is so perfect and the timing is so horrible?!