Who Would Have Guessed?

It had been three years since high school graduation for me and I was just trying to catch up with my collegues and see what was up with everyone. I began talking to a guy that I had had a crush on since the first grade. I thought he was amazing because he wrote these stories during journal time about fudge man. Well who would have guessed that all these years later he finally asked me out on a date. We began dating in December of 08 and have been dating ever since. We love doing the same things, we have the same life views, and things are just amazing when we are together. We both love each others family and things are pretty serious. I have been in many long lasting relationships before, but none were ever like this. Unfortunately he is a soldier and we have been working with the long distance relationship, which hasn't been too bad up to this point. But we have just found out he is getting deployed in July. He is getting sent to an area that hasn't yet been touched and it makes me incredibly nervous. I just want to know what to expect, how to be supportive when you are so limited, and what do to make this as easy as possible in regards to being there for him. I feel like a horrible girlfriend especially since I can't really understand what he is going through.

littlemissindecisive littlemissindecisive
Mar 26, 2009