My boyfriend and i have been together for a couple years now and he is in infantry as a 240B opperator and everyone is telling me that he's not coming back cus of how dangerous his postition is...and he doesnt help by always saying, "if i dont come back.."

im really scared and this is his first deployment but honestly, what are the odds of my boy coming back???

you can be honest.

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Yeah, I agree. Just don't listen to them. You have to stay positive for yourself and him. And even if you did know that would happen how is that going to help you any? I've heard the same comments about my guy. I don't know his position... but from what i've described of his jobs people who are military just kind of ... shut up... and say wish him the best of luck, which isn't reassuring. :( It sucks to have to worry about that! I'm sorry that people are being so harsh!

I think some people just dont think before they speak. I have people saying dumb things like that to me all the time. Dont listen to them. Put your trust in God and know that he hears your prayers and that he WILL take care of your soldier. If u need anyone to talk to im here.

beleave in his training,our troops are best trained in the wourld ,and dont listen to idiots

Agree with the above comments. Why must people always think the worst! Pray every day to God to protect and look over him, and all the members of his infantry. When you keep good thoughts the results are more positive. We'll keep you in our hearts, and prayers. Here's to the moment when you see him dash off the plane and hold you again!!!

I agree don't believe what people say. That is cruel to say something like that. Pray for him and yourself and hopefully you will find comfort.

Don't listen to stupid people that say stuff like that. Keep faitha nd believe he will come home to you. Praya nd know he will be protected.x