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So my husband has been deployed for about 6 weeks now. N lately i seem to be questioning everything. Reading into things and feelings like i wanna give up. im extremely emotional this past week and i dont know how to handle it. Ive convinced myself that he is doing things behind my back, but i know that its not true. I dont even know how to explain how im feeling right now. im questioning things like, if he really loves me, or if we r gunna make it. this is not like me n i keep trying to remind myself that he loves me and we are perfect together, its just hard to hang on to that frame of mind when hes 6,000 miles away. i feel like im babbling on, this is just the random, unorganized worries n fears running circles in my mind. ugh  

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VERY NORMAL! :) It will die down...ummmm maybe after R&R lol :) It's definitely a roller coaster ride at first, but things will level out! Just stay strong, positive, and encouraging! The more letters and care packages you send to him, the more time you spend doing them, the more he is reassured! HOPE this helps! :)

This is COMPLETELY normal. I go through periods like that too, especially when I can`t talk to my man.<br />
You just have to realize that he is fighting a war. He isn`t going out clubbing all the time. He holds onto thoughts of you to get him through the day.<br />
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I go through extreme ups and downs myself. Right now, I have 3 months left almost exactly until my man gets home. Sometimes I think that the time will fly right by, and then sometimes I hear something on the news and I lock myself up and cry.<br />
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That is the worst thing you can do. Speaking from experience, the best thing you can do is keep busy. Do anything to get out of a quiet house! <br />
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I myself have started going to the gym 5 times a week. It helps me work off my anxiety, and I am starting to look HOT! It will be nice to look good for him when he comes home!<br />
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But trust me, this time yesterday I could barely brush my teeth without wanting to cry. So I called my mom, and we went outside for a nice long walk. I felt 100x`s better after. <br />
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Sorry if this is a bit of a ramble... I just want you to know that you aren`t alone, and that he 100% is missing you a million times more than you could ever imagine!<br />
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I hope you start to feel better soon. be strong.

I was like that before my LT left for Iraq. I questioned everything - even some of the silliest things. <br />
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To resolve the situation we had a discussion, a couple of emails and an argument about each of my fears.<br />
<br />
I think it made our relationship stronger and we became closer after that because I was open enough to tell him all the little things that I was worried about and he was/is man enough to comfort me.

yes yes yes,,,,this is very normal....this is the second time my guy has left and i also am leaving and crossing paths on the dont feel alone, :) he loves you, he is doing his job and you are doing yours :) feel proud and loved!! cause he totally feels that way about you :)

I am new to this site, but have started my own blog. As the wife of a wounded warrier, I can tell you I understand how you are feeling. It's normal, I promise. I too had the same worries. But, what I found out was in my husbands case his job kept him so busy that he didn't have time to think about being with someone else. Plus, believe it or not if you are apart of his units FRG you'll now. The soldiers all talk, and they talk to their loved ones at home, and that's how rumors get started. One military wife to another, know that I am here for you if you need a friend to talk to or vent to or cry with. I've been where you are, and have come out on the other side. I promise things will get better! Your in my thoughts and prayers!