For All You Strong Wives, Fiancee's, Girlfriends And Family.....

My name is lyndsie and i wanted to share a quote with you for the deployed soldier, a great song and video provided by youtube.. and a short story of my experience with this..

Quote- For every strong Soldier, There is an even stronger women, who stands behind him, supports him, and loves him with all of her heart. I am a proud Army Girlfriend.


The song is Here without you by Nickleback and its called Us Soldier Dedication.. You can look it up on youtube.


I have been dating a man in the army now for 6 months.. and though it seems like such short time i have learned how to have patience, real love, dedication, real companionship and nurture during this quest. You do have to be very strong and full willed to dedicate yourself to such an experience and know that your soldier is doing this for you. He does not fight because he dosen't like the person in front of him he fights because he loves what he left behind. At times it can be rough, not having that touch, kiss, love in person that we are all missing so badly. Not having this for whatever period of time your suffering through only further strengthens your love and your relationship. It shows the true meaning of what love really is. Love is not about sexual experience only with this person, touch, kiss, being together. Love is based on true commitment to someone and the wanting, dedication, companionship and drive to make this work!! So know that all your waiting and everything your doing for him from the emails, letters straight down to the sending the care packages is what is keeping him strong willed and ready to take that stand. Know when he comes home he will rememeber all that you had sacraficed to be strong enough to deal with his depoloyment and he will never forget it and you will only be rewarded with more love from him then any other women not in our position will ever get from any man!! GOOD LUCK on your ventures and may you all find peace within to with stand this time apart and know that the wait truly pays offf!!!!!! I LOVE MY SOLDIER !!! I miss you baby so much we have 85 days left until your home with me! COME HOME SOON MY LOVE!! xoxoxo


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I've only been with my soldier for about 3 weeks and he leaves tomorrow for 7 months. My brother has been a soldier for 13 years and has deployed a few times, but I've never been the girlfriend and it was starting to really worry me, especially with the relationship being so new. But your words have really helped to put my mind at ease. Especially this part: "He does not fight because he dosen't like the person in front of him he fights because he loves what he left behind." Thank you so much for that.

i have been with my partner for a year and it is the first time he has been deployed since ive been with him. im finding it so hard to cope and he only left today. my friends dont seem to want to talk about it but i appreciate they dont understand as they are going home to their partners. id do anything for him to be back, it seems so far away.

Thanks for sharing so much that was so inspirational for me. None of my friends have ever said anything that made me feel as comforted. I was just thinking how much I've learned from him being away for only 3 months now.

Thank you for sharing these, they really do explain how it feels to be us, the girlfriends wives or fiances that are left behind. My boyfriend just left last week, and i have 9 months of waiting for him to return. I love him more then words can explain and i cant wait to be in his arms again.

Ive only got 26 days til my soldier comes home...... me and my soldier are just like this... we keep the negativeity down to a mimimum (which we r like that anyways) but we keep eachother going and jsut when it seems like ok how much longer i miss him so bad then i get... i get the "baby i miss you ive only got .... so and so... many days til i see you at the airport and I love you" and i hold on that much longer.... the dedication is so rewarding if only for those 2 weeks of leave he has home, its all time well spent and each second is spent wisly....