I'm Trying To Be Strong!!

Not having josh here is the hardest thing I have been through.  He is my soul mate and the love of my life. He is in Iraq right now. I haven't heard his voice in about 2 and a half weeks. It is killing me. I mean we talk just about everyday on facebook chat but its still not the same as seeing him or hearing him. I am trying to be strong for him and us but lately I have been extremely stressed out and needing him. I just wish he could come home already. He isn't due back until Novemeber though. We are getting married as soon as he gets back. I can't wait. I hope there are others out there who are going through the same thing; i would like to have someone i can talk to who understands cause most of the time I feel like I have no one. I love Josh with all of my heart and I am not going to let him down. I am going to be beside him 150% for the rest of our lives.

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1 Response Mar 7, 2010

Wow! I saw the title of this post and was like that's 100% me and then I read it and I'm like I need to comment. I just found this today so I'm not really sure of all the things that it does but I needed to find common ground somewhere. I'm in college right now so nobody gets at all what I'm going through and when they come to me to talk about problems in their relationships I'm starting to get bitter and can't understand why they don't pick up their phones when their boyfriends call when it kills me not to be near it just in case he calls. I get how it feels to have the only person who fully gets you in a place where if you needed to it's impossible to get to him. Hang in there and keep getting up everyday and preparing for the life two will have together when he gets back. Congrats on the engagement!