Daisy Died Today 3-13-10

My husband & I adopted brother & sister boxer's: Daisy & Buster in Ocotber 2001, today Daisy died. I am devestated and my husabnd is sadder than I've ever seen him. From the  begining off our "family" Daisy has been the Grand Dame, protector, mediator and the most athletic. When Daisy would meet new folks or visit old friends she would do the perfect kidney bean greeting for you(boxers bend in half from the waist and could almost touch her hind quarters, it looked like the shape of a kidney bean) and  her she short stubby tail would race when she wagged it. When my neice Catie came to visit for a cooking lesson with her newborn son Xander, Daisy was the one who laid next the infant carrier to protect Xander, i think Daisy told Buster to follow suit because  he came later. When we took them to the park to play and when they got hot, Daisy was the 1st one in the creek to lay on her belly and her legs stretched out behind her, she looked like a frog, When I had several breast issues and  needed to stay home, Daisy was the one next to me when my husabnd was at work. If you asked Daisy if she wanted a "cookie" she would prance to where they were kept. When we held a stick, ball or toy over her head she would jump and do a full revolution and stick the landing, certainly gold medal material.When my friend Rebecca  & her daughter Jennifer would babysit the kids because we went out of town, Daisy was thier favorite because Daisy was so happy to see them. But her best attirbute was her feeling our feelings, When we had a tough day, it took only 1 kiss from Daisy to make my world right. Our friends with younger children felt completley safe to bring their kids to visit us, matter of fact our closest frinds Chris & Michelle Hall from Ohio visited us in Atlanta last month and brought their young boys Alexander 5 & Jacob 2. The kids were perfect with them because they had someone smaller to slather with their messy kisses!! Daisy is resting comfortably in the back yard with her leash, collar, choke chain & her tags. When the stores have Gerber Daisy's, this is what I will plant on her grave site. My deerest sweetest baby girl Daisy, I miss you terribly!! But I am grateful to you for your loyalty, companionship and un wavering love.

smacpherson smacpherson
46-50, F
1 Response Mar 13, 2010

If you have every had a pet that has passed away, then you will know how much it hurts. It can be as upsetting as if a human died. The writer of this story has made a good choice to put her feelings on this site. Writing about the people and pets that you have lost helps you to remember them, and in a way it helps their memory live on. Writing about it is something you need to do for yourself, but it never replaces the actual memories that you will never forget, but it does help you to let go and move on, on a day to day basis. Pets contribute massively to our lives, just as all our loved ones do.