I first saw Gypsy when she was two days old, and I loved her straight away. I visited her regularly until she was old enough to come home with me. On her first night at our house she cried and cried until we let her sleep on our bed after that, the bed was her sleeping place too.

She was so quirky, playful, loyal and intelligent and gave us such laughs;
she could standing jump the 6ft fence seperating our garden from next doors and did so frequently because she wanted to play with the Lab' Chloe that lived there. When we raised that fence to 8ft to stop her, Chloe simply walked through it to come and play with Gypsy in our garden instead.
She was a definate water dog, no matter how muddy or smelly the water was - she could not stop herslf leapig in.
She would take it in turns to both chase my Mum's cat and to be chased by it.
We always cooked an extra sausage, chop or piece of chicke breast - just for her.
She let me sob into her coat for hours when Dad died and gave up sleeping on the bed to join me on the couch when I could not bear to go to bed anymore for fear of laying there awake all night.

Everyone who met Gypsy, loved her! When I finally decided to leave my husband, she was my top priority, although I could no longer have her live with me (rented flat) I wanted her to be happy and safe. So many people volunteered to have her, that shows just how wonderful a dog she was. Even my friend in France was willing to drive her out to their house there. Eventually though she went to live with my Mum, that way she would have perminant company, would be taken to the park every day, would be pampered, would help Mum over the loss of my Dad and would be close by so I could visit. Frequently my son and I would take Gyspy and my Mum on day trips to local woodlands, where her and my son would compete for the biggest sticks!

In July she was 11 and she was still as mad as ever! Still jumped up at me when I went to my Mums, still loved me unconditionally and as my Mum said; she was still very much - my dog. I would have loved to have her live with me, but my working hours would have meant she would have been alone a lot of the time, my love for her meant I wanted the best for her!

In April she started to limp slighly, we discovered she'd cut her foot, probably on some glass from bottles that teenagers smashed over the park. After trips to the vet and various courses of antibiotics the limp did not improve. Then last week, overnight her face became swollen, seriously swollen - to twice it's usual size, her front legs swelled up, she couldn't eat drink of get to the garden for the toilet. The vet suspected Cancer and did some tests, we were told 1-2 days for the results. The vet suggested Chemo, but when after 2 days the reslts were still not back I decided to end her misery. My once energetic, bouncy friend had not moved from the hallway floor in two days, her eyes pleaded with me to help her and the only way I felt I could was to have her euthanised, to put an end to her suffering. I took her to the vets again, this time lifting her into the car and then carrying her the 30 foot from the car into the surgery. A dog who once hated vets, now had no fear; whether she knew what was going to happen or not - I do not know. I cuddled her and stroked her as the drug took affect, then sobbed over her once she had gone. The next day the results came back - Cancer. Chemo would have prolonged her life, but the quality of life that she would have had was uncertain. In my mind I know that I did the right thing. My heart, however, says differently ... it is broken.

I miss her greatly even though she hadn't lived with me for 5 years, I feel guilty that I made the decision to end her life, I feel like I killed my best friend. I hope she understands that I did what I did because of my great love for her. I hope that one day the guilt will leave me and I will be able to remember our times together with a smile and not keep crying with saddness.

Gypsy - you were the loveliest compagnian I could have asked for. I am sorry for what I had to do.

Love you always.


gypsythebestdog gypsythebestdog
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she would of never thought you did the wrong thing. dogs are the most amazing people and shes alway there with you forever