My Best Friend Forever....replaced?

I miss my dog terribly, but I know in my heart he is at peace and much better off. It's been several years, and sometimes it is still hard. I'll never forget my best friend.

I feel a lot of guilt recently too. I'm in a serious relationship with a new girl, and she has a dog. Me and her are very close, and it's great. And her dog is terrific too. He reminds me of Midnite. Midnite was all black with a white stripe down his chest. Her dog is all black. Midnite's ears were "lopsided". His one ear stuck straight up, the other was lazy. Went halfway up then flopped down. Her dog's just go halfway up and flop. So many similarities, it's no wonder how much I've taken to her dog, and him to me. He's great. Energetic like my dog was in his younger days.

So where does my guilt come in? I feel guilty because I never want to forget my friend and feel that relationship could never be replaced. Yet somehow, sometimes, this new relationship with her dog seems to be doing just that. And it tears me up quite a bit inside, and I feel horribly guilty. It's just feels so good to have that good friend, even though it's not my dog he acts as loyal to me as my dog once did.

Is this normal? Am I wrong for getting close? Am I overreacting to it? How should I cope?

Really need some advice from anybody that might have gone through a similar situation.
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I know how you feel. My white long hair German Shepherd passed away this Sunday evening. She was 11. She died in my arms and I was crying, begging her not to leave me! But she did. All my family came over as everyone loved her. I am having her cremated so I can still have a part of her with me, and when I go, I want that urn to go with me. Does anyone really think dogs go to heaven? I want to believe that I will see her again! This house is so empty, I can't think about another dog right now, it's too painful. Just too much pain and emptiness...any suggestions besides "time"?

Don't think of it as a replacement, think of it as a different dog completely...<br />
<br />
Sorry for your loss, man, i lost my 6-year-old lab-spaniel mutt to cancer two weeks ago |':