My Little Precious Cup

I miss my little Precious Cup soooo much. She was a black lab.  I remember when my dad brought her home. She was the cutest little puppy in the world to me. I was in first grade when I got her. She was my best friend. I remember when she got sick and stopped eating. I think she held on those last couple of days so she could be around for my graduation day. I told her everyday graduation was getting closer and closer and on graduation morning I went out and told her it was graduation day and she wagged her tail one more time for me. I remember coming from graduation practice and found her outside. She had already passed away. She was with me throughout elementary school, middle school and high school. I had planned on taking her to collge with me. My graduation day turned out to be the worst day of my life.  Most of my classmates cried with me when I told them she passed. She was the first dog I ever had.  I'm so glad she was with me on graduation day. Precious we graduated together 5/19/11 I love you and I miss you.
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You have to have experienced this loss of the most loyal friend a person could have to understand truly what you express so well here,and I have,its heart breaking,devastating taura.And I leave this with a lump in my throat.

Sorry to read about that,glad you had good times to remember.

very touching....It's been 15 years since my lab died, I still miss him.

Sorry darling for your loss x<br />
Just think of all the happy times you two shared together, I bet she had the best life a dog could want x<br />
With love and sorrow <br />
Miley xxx


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I can understand the feeling and love for her as tomorrow I also lost my dear Sweety she was 14 years old I miss her and no other can take her place.

I tear up every time I read this. I've gotten anothedog r but she's not a lab. I couldn't handle getting another lab. I believe my little Precious is watching over her. I miss Precious everyday and I know no other dog will ever replace her.

Such a sad story - I'm truly sorry for your loss. That was a very long time to have a dog and you must have so many memories of her. I just love lab's - they are so beautiful and kind. Thank god we have the Rainbow bridge to believe in and I know that is where both our dogs are now. Your story touched me very much and I sincerely hope you are healing even if it's just a little bit. She really was your baby and she always will be.