No Dog Could Ever Replace You.

On August 14th my 11 year old chihuahua was hit by a car, she died of internal injury. I was not home when this happened but the rest of my family was. It was raining hard, and she must of dug a hole and escaped. She was my best friend, i had gotten her from a uncle back
In 2001. My.uncle lived in joliet which for us was a 2 hour drive, he told my grandpa he had one more chihuahua puppy left. We drove there Lea (at the time didn't have a name) was this tiny skiddish puppy running wild with her mother she must of been 6 weeks. She was skiddish around people i picked her up and took her in the car. I promised my uncle i would take great care of her. On the way home she peed on me and was shaking. From then on i slept with her every night and slowly gained her trust. She was not people friendly but loved me and only me. She did things that with most dogs you have to train them. Not lea.. Nope she was constantly by my side. She never wanted to be without me. I could be in a field tell her to lay and wait then back up to the end of the field and yell come and she would come running. I could walk her off leash and she wouldn't go far. She was the perfect dog, we shared soo many fun years. I dont see any other dog coming close to what we had. I don't think i could ever even get another dog letalone a chihuahua because i would want a dog just like my baby lea. I am still very depressed over this. Lea i miss
You.girl. I love you.
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I loved your story , thanks so much for sharing. I completely agree with you, no other dog could ever replace you girl lea. When I lost my English bully Hank, days later people began to ask me if I was going to get another dog, it made me furious. "He wasn't an appliance" I'd reply, no one will ever replace hank just like no one can ever replace lea.