I Will See You Again!

I was once told my a preacher that dogs do not have souls - I was depressed for two long years when I was a teenager. Yet I could not beleive this and I am glad that it made me angry and down right panic stricken. So... I searched for answers instead of just beleiving in what a supposed "know it" person said, and I researched the subject of pets and their afterlife. Yes, I will see Crystal again some day. And many pets later, and much more than just one book under my belt.. it has made dealing with the death of my pets so much easier to deal with. Yet, my dog Jezebel, she was my bestest friend, she was with me the first year after my house was forclosed and she is burried about 30 feet from where I sit every day to smoke my cigars. I miss her something awful. Currently, I live in my parents house, and dad cant be around pets. I am going to get a couple of dogs as soon as I move, and I cant help but wish one of them was Jezebel. I have never love a human or animal as much as that one eyed dog! She was not pretty at all! She was a typical junk yard dog and I loved her beyond beleif. She was a brat turned brilliant! LMAO Kim
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how would a preacher know.i believe,therefore they have souls.

Ohhh :) sorry for you losing Jezebel. And yes she does have a soul. I am not religious so I don't listen to all that stuff. But how can a creature capable of giving so much love and of being so loved not have a soul?

We will all be together with our fur babies in the end. I believe that, I will see my Bonnie again and you will see Jezebel. They are running around enjoying them selves waiting for us.

...pets have souls, but they are not as evolved as the souls of humans,
they serve as guides,
surely you know this too,
we get different type of souls,
just like you get angels and fukkking demons lmfao

....interesting read sinffed out for you, thought you would like: http://www.experienceproject.com/stories/Risked-Everything-And-Got-It-Bak/302634

...what da faq, sinfed? is should read sniffed, not SIN FED.........HAHAHA

Yes I know, but I also heard before about the importance of thinking/praying for the beloved pets once they have passed, that it helps them some way. I am sure that there is still a way to be with them. But where I want to go, they probably shouldnt go - I want to be the one who assists throwing souls into torment for their torture and pain that they caused small children and animals! Aint I just the sweetest? LMAO- Kim

I believe every pet you have ever had from every lifetime awaits for you on the Other Side. So one day you most certainly will be in the company of your beloved Jezebel.