Its been almost 4 years now.

Since she passed away on the 11th December 2005.

Red was her name and she touched everyone who met her.

I saved her from the dog pound. Why would anyone throw her away. Anyway my gain.

I firmly believe that some animals like dogs are much better at giving love then most people and we call ourselves 'Human' as in humain and a lot think animals are below us 'Humans'. bah humbug to that.

Red gave me unconditional love and I gave her a wonderful and loving home. Even my vet who I went to for many years to have Reds check up said that to me and the vet woman even posted a card to me when Red was put down to say to me that Red touched her and thanked me for saving Red and giving her a wonderful and loving home as I have just mentioned.

Red taught me some things about myself. She taught me that I can love and care and be gentile. Now I have to convince a girl that I can be all that. Red knew what she wanted, girls don't.

Red didn't care if I acted like a child sometimes, Red loved me as a child or whatever. Red knew I loved her and that was all she wanted.

Only two have ever loved me unconditionally, My mother and Red.

I miss you.

Update. I neglected to tell you that Red would of been about 18 months old when I saved her. She was my best friend for 15 years. Dose that prove I was a good Daddy to her.

I am also very sad that due to circumstances I cannot have another 4 legged child. When I do have the chance I will save another one.

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5 Responses Sep 19, 2009

I am one of those "foolish" women I guess. I want all of it. The man who will love me, live with & be happy with me. A man who can stand up for us & will not run at the first sign of trouble. Someone I can count on, & who loves animals. A quiet life with love, the necessities to keep us well & each other. That's all I've ever wanted, but neither of the men in my life ever seemed to want it. They said they did, but I ended up giving everything & they walked out when I got too tired of giving it all & getting little in return. =(<br />
I wish you luck my friend. I find my cats are a lot easier to love but I still need the human equation. xxx

I'm a dreamer too. I dream of living in a quiet location where I work from home and can stay home with just my dog all the time. I'd have a lover who brings my groceries and mail so I don't have to leave my santuary and we'd have lots of wild sex while he was there, then he'd leave and I'd have my peace and solitude. Again, I don't know what I want and if I got it I'd probably not want it anymore. I like the idea of having sex on tap with a man who doesn't want any more from me than sex and friendship. No complicated "meet the family" stuff or proper relationship stuff, something more like a secret affair, fun and lighthearted rather than deep and meaningful. While I like the idea, the reality could be very different to what I dream it would be and I'd probably hate it and feel that it wasn't enough if I ever actually got it. Dreams are nice and fantasies always work the way you want as long as you don't try to turn them into reality.

I'm not an exception, I don't know what I want and when I think I do I usually realise I was wrong and only thought I wanted it. It's so hard to be sure of anything and things always change or don't work out the way you imagined or hoped. I try to understand that no one is perfect and we all have faults and make mistakes, I know that if I want to receive something I have to give something and I try to be fair and reasonable about that. The whole thing is too complex and I often just give up on it all and retreat into myself and ny own peace, it's why I like the country and open spaces, I can avoid social interaction and just relax with nature and my dog, they don't expect anything much from me and I feel at ease with them. I don't think that anyone realises how much it means to me to be able to exclude myself from them and just be alone with nature and my dog, not even those who believe they're close to me.

You're right about Red knowing what she wanted and girls not. Dogs want so little from us, just our love, food, water, a kind word and some affection. If only people were so simple. The problem with people is that we think we know what we want because we fantasise about how it would be, but it's just a delusion and it's never how we imagined it. so if we ever get what we thought we wanted, we realise it's not enough and we want more or something different all together. With a dog, if you treat them reasonably well they'll be greatful for what they get and love us for it. People always want more, it's never good enough, they're never satisfied and they only consider what you are doing for them without much thought for how they're treating you.

Oh I can feel your sorrow. The hole left in your heart by the passing of your dear friend. Yes, there are just some VERY VERY special friends we may find from time to time within the animal kingdom. Some of my best friends on earth have been animals. They know when you really love them, and they give all that love back, so many times over. Just like for me, right now, when have a serious illness in the family and are having to travel all the time. My Rottie who is so loving and loyal of a friend, is just not getting the proper attention he so deserves. I am going to have to find him some good people to love him. This literally breaks my heart, to do this. But I feel it is better to find him someone who is there for him at all times, than the way things are now. It is just so sad and not right. God Bless you and I know Red will always be in your heart.