"lilly" My Sweet Labrador Passed Away.

I had her 17 years & every day was so full of her doggie talk & her bright eyes & her slapping her feet on the bed when she wanted something & she was so loud & talkative for a dog that the house was suddenly quiet without her & the 2 other dogs are depressed that she is gone also.  I had just lost my mom & another dog that I had for about 17 years when I was doing home health nursing & these people had a beautiful black lab mother that had pups & loved her personality.  She was mischievious & scared my nurse aides, but was not mean at all & would just smile as they ran hysterically into the house where the patient was & I would say to her " you are so naughty &she would just have a big smile on her face & let me hold her"  I was terribly heart broken over losing my mom & my other dog & when she had pups the children that lived there wanted me to have one & they picked Lilly out for me.  They could'nt have done a better job.  When they brought her out her little mouth was open like a spoiled child & I was just terribly in love with her.  Them mom had a breast infection & I had to take her home early at 1 month old.  The years passed so quickly & she was so dear to me.  I could'nt believe this many years had passed when she became ill with esophageal cancer at age 17.  I could not put her down & I did doggie hospice & had pain meds & anti nausea meds & prednisone for her.  I slept by her & when she woke panting in pain I would wet her mouth  & give her pain medicine.  She went into a coma before she died & she died at home in my arms.  There is so much more to this story, but the main thing is she was the best dog that ever lived & I swear she was an angel & she has been gone over a week now & just wet my face with tears every so often thinking of her & missing her so much.  We are exercising other 2 pups & ourselves trying to recover from losng her, but every day I long to see that face & hug her neck & interact with her.  I pray she is at my moms house in heaven & that I see her & my mom as soon as I pass over.   Just will miss her the rest of my life. 

tweetywoo tweetywoo
56-60, F
Feb 24, 2010