I Cant Shake It, I Miss My Budy

Ok, this is not like me at all. I can usually roll with the punches when life throws em but three days ago sunday June 6th we noticed, myself and my girlfriend, that our pit bull kade wasn't feeling good at all and when he couldn't walk something was really wrong. He apparently had a cancer growing on his spleen for some time that had gone unnoticed by us. Which is hard to believe given how much time he spent at the vets, this dog had better health care than I did. But anyway it metastasized and he started bleeding internally when the growth erupted.....sucky! We had to put him down unfortunately and we buried him next to my grandfathers dog that we had taken in after my grandfather passed away last year. Kade was ten and we thought in great shape, i was playing with him the night before with no indication. Now I just can't shake this feeling of emptiness in the house, it sucks. Kade was my girlfriends baby and moved in with her about five years ago and she's really broken up so I can't show how messed up I am around her, gotta help her threw it ya know, and idk how my dogs gonna take it. I have a twelve year old pure lab, oliver and these two became buddy's, infact the only time kade wagged his tail that day was when Ollie walked in the door. Idk, like I said this just sucks and I guess I feel compelled to write it down or something. I think I have an easier time letting go of people than dogs. Dogs are you're friends, like you're kids and never want anything more than to be with you. They become and extension of you, they're are so pure and loyal. You want them to be human when infact there better because they are simple and incorruptable. The only regret is that unfortunately we are doomed to outlive our pets, and it sucks.
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Jun 9, 2010