My Beloved Collie, Precious

           I had a Collie, whose name was Precious. I got her when I was really little, only around 3. She was still a puppy, and she loved to get in trouble. She would rip apart and eat anything she could. Although she had many toys, she'd rather destroy stuff. We had enough, so we decided to get her a friend. We got a six month old Lab mix named Kia. She was a rescue pet, but was abused as a puppy. The two became great friends, although Kia took the dominant role. Precious treated Kia like she was her puppy. She would groom her and always keep her company. They would beg at the dinner table every night. Kia always tried to get more then Precious though. I took them for walks together, they loved it.
           We has some incidents along the way. We found out that both of them were allergic to bees. They tried to eat them, but were stung in the mouth. They're mouths swelled up and we took them to the vet for medicine.
           Precious was never the brightest crayon in the box. She would have a hard time finding the toys we threw, or finding her way home after she ran away. She often hit her head on tables and walls, and barked at nothing. But the one thing she was good at was playing hid and seek. I would hid from her, and then call her name, she would come looking for me until she found me. This would go on for a while, until she got bored.
           All these blissful years went by so fast, until April 15th, 2009. It was Wednesday night at dinner, and she was being annoying. All she wanted was to be int he way. At dinner I kept pushing her away and yelling, "GO AWAY!" But then later, she was walking around with her tail in between her legs, and she look sad. I told my mom, and she didn't know why she was doing that. She told me she would be okay. My friend had been over, she was staying with us for a while, and that night, I was talking to her telling her that I didn't think she was okay, and I was crying. I was praying that she would be okay. The next morning when I left for school, I got a good look at Precious as she was sitting in the living room shivering while she was wearing a tie die blanket I had made. I gave her the last hug she would get from me, and I told her I loved sooo much. I said, "I love you Preshi Poo. You're my Preshi Weshi." And then I left for school.
           When I came home, she was in the back yard, drooling. She wouldn't come inside. She wouldn't eat or drink either. I asked my dad why she wouldn't do anything, and why she was drooling, and he told me that shes dieing. And I went and sat down on the couch and balled my eyes out. My mom told me to get my mind off of it, and told me and my friend to go to the playground, and be back for dinner. It worked, I did feel better. Soon we went home, and i saw that Precious was inside. My dad carried her in. We went to have dinner, but then, as Precious was laying in the hallway with my mom right there next to her, she had a seizer. We were all looking from the table. Then my mom said quietly behind her tears, "She died." And my dad jumped up and said, "She did!?" And me and my friend went over to her and were crying harder than I have ever cried. We went across the road with my dad and dug a hole by the edge of the woods, and put her in it wrapped in the blanket I had made. We put all of her toys in with her, and also the letters me and my friend had written her. We filled the hole, and put bricks int he shape of a cross over it, and gave our final goodbyes. I could see the hurt in all our eyes, even my dad, who had claimed he didn't like her, but I knew that he really did, and he was hurting too. 
           I miss you Preshi Poo. I love you sooo much, and I will never forget you. You were the greatest dog anyone could ask for. I hope you had a great life with us. 
         ♥Precious; May 20th, 2000-April 16th, 2009♥ I love you

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Jul 25, 2010