Lucy My Best Freind.

I had to take my beloved dog to the vets on saturday to have her put to sleep.

She was 14 yrs old german Shepard she was my best freind I am full of greif at the moment but i dont think I will ever have a frendship like that ever again. Until i meet her in heaven. She was always by my side although she has gone I still feel her love for me and hope she feels mine for her.

Lucy I will always love you x.

Dad.broken heart
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Thank you for your comment yes it broke my heart loosing Lucy she was my best freind and we had some great times together. x

I know this is an old post, but I wanted to extend my sympathies to you, sir. I want to get a dog, myself, but one of the reasons I haven't is the thought of when they, or I, pass away. I am not one to forgo attachments, however, so that is not the reason I haven't gotten a pet. I just want to wait until I have things arranged so that the time they spend with me will be optimal.

I had to put down my cat of 16 years down in July also. It broke my heart, but I was lucky to have her friendship for that long. My thoughts are with you.

i truly hope you feel better. All of our dogs are in a better place now.

Sorry to hear that MadamJoanna the only thing that heals us unfortunatly is time. x

It is a sad thing when one loses a pet We lost our black /Siamese cat recently He was 22yrs old.

I had to take my 11 year old collie cross to the vets to be put to sleep two days ago. I feel absolutely awful - as if I killed my best friend. In my head I know it was the kindest thing to do, but the selfish part of me wishes I hadn't done it. Remembering her reminds my of all the loses I have had in the past 11 yrs, my marriage, my Dad, she saw me through all that and now she's not around anymore and I miss her so much. <br />
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Love you Gypsy, if you need to chat lucygsd please contact me