Dear Friend...

Today my dog of 16 years passed away. She was my friend i loved her sooooooooooo much. It hurts so much now that she is gone. I grew up with her, she was there for my first crush, new school, first dance, my birthdays, holidays so much. & I hate that we had to put you to sleep i wish i coulda done more. Im so angry with myself, i wish you coulda been with me longer. I misss you, i cry as i write this because the pain is too much. This morning before they took you to be put to sleep you heard me crying in the other room. You walked in and sat next to me, comferting me, you looked into my eyes and i just cried more. You followed me for the rest of the morning, i feel like you were asking me to help you, as if you knew. Im sorry friend, i hate that you had to die for something so stupid!!!! i hate that i didnt have money to save you on time, i hate that you werent able to get all the things you deserved. I love you soo much and you will always be my baby girl. I love you Muneca forever in my heart and forver my friend. =''(
gareatha gareatha
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I'm sitting here now reading these stories and work! Until you have experienced the loss of a pet, you can never fully understand the emotional toll it can take on you. Sometimes I think it's harder than losing a person. With a person, there's conflicted feelings, guilt, anger. But with a pet, there's just love and sadness. I lost both my cats about a year apart from each other, and I still keep pictures up of them up on the shelf. I finally got a new kitty, that ironically looks alot like my Emily but when I found her at the shelter, I picked her up and she fell asleep right in my arms. Then when I found out her name was the same as mine, I knew it was meant to be. I was diagnosed with skin cancer and had surgery in November so she was my "get well" present. And I thank god my parents got her for me because I never would have been able to get through the sadness and loneliness the disease brought me, without her.

Thank you so much, you made me feel better.<br />
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yet i still miss her, today when i woke up i went down stairs waiting for her to pop out of her cage to greet me. It saden me when i remembered that she was long no longer with us. She was burried outside, so i went outside and saw that the rose where se was burried was withering away. So i cut off a fresh rose for her. That made me smile and i said good morning and started to cry. I miss her and im glad that you understand my pain. Youve seemed to have been in pain several times, I dont think ill be able to get another dog but i have thought about volunteering at a pet shelter so that i can spread the love she taught me for those 16 years.<br />
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& yess i hope that one day we will see muneca and jack again. I hope that there having the time of their life.

I can understand your deep pain as I am too a friend to dogs.........they are the best friend any living breathing soul could have. Whatever secret you share, they let it go no farther, when a boy breaks your heart, nothing catches a falling tear like your Muneca. I wont lie to you, it will not get easier, I have 9 friends buried on my property and they live in my heart as if they were still here and I have to sell my place due to the economy. You will never quit missing your little girl, but you will Never forget one minute of the years you spent together. One friend asked me when I buried Jack (16yrs old), boy I bet you wont be getting another dog as much as his passing has hurt you will you? <br />
Gareatha, you will make room in your heart for another friend, as Muneca will expect you to offer a homeless one a place of refuge and your unconditional love. This will not diminish your love, devotion or memory,it will only strengthen it. MY heart breaks for your loss.<br />
I got Shadow (a wolf) after Jack had moved on to wait for me in heaven (providing I get there!), Shadow is to be my guard dog......he is afraid of bugs and hates to get his paws muddy; I have seen him put his paws on the wall to keep from stepping in mud!!<br />
So take your time in your sorrow , then offer another friend a chance to get out of ''jail'' or off the streets.<br />
Best to, it wont hurt less, but the good memories will shine brighter each time you revisit them.....................<br />
cheyenne in Texas