Manny The Wonder Dog

We adopted Manny 8 years ago from a schnauzer rescue center. He'd been found playing outside of an animal shelter - matted fur, skinny, but lots of spirit. What a great dog. He had obviously been well trained by his first owner, but somehow he became a stray.  We could never know his story - but I imagined that perhaps is owner was elderly and passed away - hoping their beautiful pet would somehow find a good home. If that's the case their prayers were answered because Manny landed in dog heaven. Lots of kids to play with, and even his own fire hydrant in the front yard! He blossomed under all the love and attention and became our beloved pet. But he was not wimp - a streetwise ex-stray who was a great watchdog - looking out for his pack. And we looked out for him, right up to the end. We love you Manny and know that if there's dogs in heaven now they've got a hell of a pack!

funk55 funk55
Aug 23, 2010